Completing first 3 weeks in IAT ? :P >with some tips

Hi guys !

how are you ? 😀   hope all are fine

btw tommrow we will complete 3 weeks in IAT , its realy nice

school actualy but you must study little bit hard 😛

Iam still waiting to get the keys of our “Lockers” so we can keep some stuffs in it ..

and the laptops for sure ^^ .

Tips for who wanna complete the year in easy way <- –

Keep studying at home and dont forget to read what did you take in school today-

Prapare for tommrow’s lesson so you will know what the teacher is saying-

Come before the break end 2 minuts so you will save time till you get to the class –

Do your homeworks cuz actualy they are counted about 20% from the final total –

Make your notebooks clean and Orgnize them well –

Study good for the Quizes so you will get high marks and the Quizes take 20% from the final total –

so thx guys and remember to get high marks 😀



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